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Q1: What is the type and quantity of hydraulic oil required? Q2: Can the powerpack be placed outside the tank?  Q3: Can the jacks be placed outside the tank?  Q4: What is the maximum width or height of shell plates that can be erected with the jacking system.  Q5: During the construction of a tank using jacks, is it possible for build up of air inside the tank?  Q6: What if a hose bursts or oil seal ruptures during lifting?   Q7: Is it possible for the tank to fall down during lifting or when held by the jacks?  Q8: Should the roof plates be fixed before the erection of jacking equipment?  Q9: What is the minimum thickness of shell plates suitable for jack-up method?  Q10: What is the time taken for lifting a tank up by 2.5 mtrs.?  Q11: What is the stroke per lift?  Q12: How do personnel enter inside the tank when the jacking system is used?   Q13: What is maximum safe wind speed at which a tank can be lifted using jacks.  Q14: Will all jacks lift evenly or will there be some difference in the lifting time of all the jacks in one tank?  Q15: How long can the tank be left in lifted position, i.e., when the load is on the jacks? Q16: How to determine the number of jacks to be used for a particular tank. Q17: What is the ambient temperature range at which jacks can be used?  Q18: Can we use a combination of 12 ton & 18 ton jacks in the same tank? Can we use double acting & single acting jacks together in the same tank? Q19: What is the life of the jacks?  Q20: What is the shipment time required for jacks?  Q21: How much time and how many men are required to set up the jacks.  Q22: Whether tanks with column supported roof be erected using jacks?  Q23: Can floating roof tanks be erected using jacks?  Q24: If the tank has tilted due to foundation settlement, can jacks be used to correct the tilt?  Q25: Whether automatic girth welding machine can be used when the tank is being constructed using jacking system? Q26What if the Oil gets heated up