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Bygging offers complete solutions for any storage tank project - be it erecting a 100m diameter floating roof tank, or lifting a 75m diameter LNG tank for foam glass replacement, or lifting a 1900 ton blast furnace gas holder, all backed by engineering support. Our products and services range right from supply of jacks and welding machines and experienced technicians up to providing stability calculations, method statements and job hazard analysis.
Sales and Rental of hydraulic jacking equipment and single sided automatic girth welding equipment
Tank construction companies can either purchase or rent jacks and auto welding machines from Bygging which takes care of tank lifting and horizontal welding which is a major portion of the tank construction process.
Deputation of tank jacking and auto welding specialists
Specialists with vast experience in tank projects are deputed by Bygging to job sites the world over. Besides doing the mundane jobs like tank lifting and horizontal welding, these specialists offer useful site tips to tank builders from the experience they have gathered from working at various geographical locales.
Retrofitting pre sold jacking equipment to make them retractable
Bygging has sold more than 26,000 jacking units world wide. Existing customers can get their equipment retrofitted to make them retractable which allows the use of auto welding machine for internal welding as well.
Re-bottoming of tanks
Bygging carries out site survey, submits jacking layout for placing jacks on the outside of tanks and stability calculations that are essential for any tank repair project.