Automatic girth welding

BYGGING submerged arc AUTOMATIC GIRTH WELDING (AGW) machine for SINGLE SIDE WELDING suitable for horizontal welding of tanks built “TOP-DOWN”


Salient Features:

  • Make of Power Source & Wire Feeder - Lincoln Electric, USA.
  • Weatherproof Electrical cabinet.
  • Robust DC motor for tractor movement.
  • Auto flux recovery unit.
  • Fine adjustable manual cross slide for vertical & horizontal adjustment.
  • Weld head slide assembly.
  • Auto sensor for wire feeder speed.
  • Flux stored in Flux Recovery Unit as well as in Flux discharge hopper.
  • View glass in flux hopper & in Flux Recovery Unit

  • Same Power Source can be used for root welds and for FCAW / MIG / SMAW vertical welds.
  • Two or more FCAW / MIG / SMAW welding heads can be used using one Power Source (by using Multiweld 350) which increases vertical welding productivity by more than double.
  • Same mechanism can be used for Arc gouging.
  • Ambient temperature range at which the machine can work : -5 to + 65 deg C.
  • Machine is compact, light weight & can be handled without the need for a large crane.
  • Root welding with backing strip possible
  • Bygging AGW does the work equivalent to 6 welders


Technical Specification

Welding plate width : For first / top shell - Min. 800mm
For subsequent shells - No restriction.
Tank diameter : Suitable for tanks more than 8 mtr in diameter.
Welding current : From 250 Amps Upto 1000 Amps at 100% duty cycle.
Output Voltage : 44V
Welding Speed : 250 mm to 700 mm/min
Idle Travel Speed : Upto 1000 mm per minute.
Wire diameter : 2.4 / 3.2 mm / 4 mm
Weight of Welding head : 216 kgs (approx.) without flux & wire spool.





FCAW root welding using backing strip