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Since the last 31 years, Bygging has been innovating and supplying ingenious products ( tank jacking equipment or tank lifting equipment, sub-arc automatic girth welder, jacks for grain storage silos) based on needs and requirements from storage tank construction companies worldwide with the sole purpose of making the process of constructing a storage tank SAFER, FASTER AND COST EFFECTIVE for the tank builder.

Bygging offers total solutions to tank contractors for building tank farms, tank repairs, increasing tank capacity.

We don’t just sell a product … we provide a complete solution which includes preparation of Job hazard analysis, stability calculations and so on. We consider ourselves as partners to the project execution team and consider our job done only after the tank is erected safely and efficiently.

We believe in setting trends and in providing the best in class products and service to our esteemed customers.

The largest diameter tank erected using our jacking equipment was a 100 metre diameter floating roof tank and the heaviest tank was one weighing 1900 tons.