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BYGGING submerged arc AUTOMATIC GIRTH WELDING (AGW) machine for SINGLE SIDE WELDING suitable for horizontal welding of tanks built “TOP-DOWN
Salient Features:
  Make of Power Source & Wire Feeder - Lincoln Electric, USA.
  Weatherproof Electrical cabinet.
  Robust DC motor for tractor movement.
  Auto flux recovery unit.
  Fine adjustable manual cross slide for vertical & horizontal adjustment.
  Weld head slide assembly.
  Auto sensor for wire feeder speed.
  Flux stored in Flux Recovery Unit as well as in Flux discharge hopper.
  View glass in flux hopper & in Flux Recovery Unit
  Same Power Source can be used for root welds and for FCAW / MIG / SMAW vertical welds.
  Two or more FCAW / MIG / SMAW welding heads can be used using one Power Source (by using Multiweld 350) which increases vertical welding productivity by more than double.
  Same mechanism can be used for Arc gouging.
  Ambient temperature range at which the machine can work : -5 to + 65 deg C.
  Machine is compact, light weight & can be handled without the need for a large crane.
  Root welding with backing strip possible
  Bygging AGW does the work equivalent to 6 welders.
Technical Specification
Welding plate width : For first / top shell - Min. 800mm
  For subsequent shells - No restriction.
Tank diameter : Suitable for tanks more than 8 mtr in diameter.
Welding current : From 250 Amps Upto 1000 Amps at 100% duty cycle.
Output Voltage : 44V
Welding Speed : 250 mm to 700 mm/min
Idle Travel Speed : Upto 1000 mm per minute.
Wire diameter : 2.4 / 3.2 mm / 4 mm
Weight of Welding head : 216 kgs (approx.) without flux & wire spool.

Girth welder that runs on a rail fixed to tank foundation
Automatic Girth Welding Machine Bottom rail type SAW girth welder